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The Five Best No Log VPNs


If you are in the market for a VPN client, it’s arguable that you want to be protected, secure and anonymous while you are online. Why else would you care about subscribing to a VPN? Governments around the world like to stay aware of what their citizens are doing. Think that you’re country is immune? The US has the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) and the UK has the Communications Data Bill. Never assume that because you live in a ‘free’ country that you are completely free.

In many European countries, for instance, VPN service providers are required to keep logs of their users’ activities. Some countries have been slow to accept the laws and are trying to protect their subscribers’ rights. Other companies quickly fell in line. If you’re going to pay for a VPN client, you need to know that you are not being tracked, nor will a log of your activities be turned over to authorities.

Here are five VPN providers that do not practice the act of logging.


1. Private Internet Access -$6.95 per month

2. BT Guard – $9.95 per month

3. Nord VPN – €4 per month

4. CyberGhost – $6.99 per month

5. Tor Guard – $4.95 per month

Winner – Private Internet Access


Pros: Strong levels of encryption, anonymity, no logs.

Cons: No money back guarantee.

Private Internet Access is a company based in the United States. Thus far, it is not required to keep logs of user activity. You are able to download torrents, participate in file sharing, and shop online without fear of someone tracking you. If you sign up for the service using Bitcoin as your payment method, you are further protected.

We also like that Private Internet Access offers a VPN kill switch; some other companies do not offer this feature. A VPN kill switch automatically kills your connection through the VPN if your Internet connection is disrupted. This further protects your identity.

Learn more about the features of Private Internet Access today.

2. BTGuard


Pros: No logs, 256-bit Encryption.

Cons: Basic offering, user details kept on file.

One of the leading proponents of online privacy, TorrentFreak, recommends this VPN service provider. As of yet, Canada does not require logging of online users, although that may change in the future.

What BT Guard does do is keep email addresses of subscribers and payment details on file. They are more than aware of their users’ true identities as they do not accept Bitcoin. These things should not dissuade you from using the service. Security levels are high, the software is easy to use, and the subscription fees are fair.

Visit BTGuard for more information.

3. NordVPN


Pros: Based in Panama, no logs kept, Bitcoin payments.

Cons: Higher than average price.

NordVPN is a new kid on the block of VPN service providers, but we were happy enough with the service when we tested it. Based in Panama, the company is not required to log user activity. Encryption levels are high, speeds are decent, and no logs are kept.

Even though we did not receive the highest speeds, we are confident that the software will gain speed as the company grows. We also are hopeful that the price will be more competitive in the future. All in all, we are confident in recommending this VPN service provider for anyone who wants a logless VPN.

Learn more about NordVPN at their website today.

4. CyberGhost 


Pros: 30 day free trial, no logs, offers free service.

Cons: Unsure if users were tracked in Romania.

The company claims that it keeps no logs. We can’t be certain that this is the case. The EU Data Retention Directive was reestablished in 2012, but CyberGhost claims that it is still not maintaining data about its customers. At this time, we will take the company’s word for it.

The service provided by CyberGhost is excellent. In fact, if we were more certain about the situation in Romania, we would have placed it at the top of the list. At this time, however, we are recommending this VPN service provider with caution.

Visit the CyberGhost website to decide for yourself.

5. TorGuard


Pros: No logs, 256-bit encryption.

Cons: Tries to sell you things you may not want.

TorGuard is based in Panama where there are no data retention laws. The service uses 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, has a fair subscription cost, and allows users to pay with Bitcoin. When we tested the software, we found the speeds to be more than adequate and the service simple to use.

If there is anything that we don’t like about TorGuard is the fact that the company requires an extensive amount of information from subscribers. We do not like to see this from any VPN service provider. This shouldn’t make you shy away from the company, just be aware that they will use your information to try to sell you more services.

Visit TorGuard for more information today.

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