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Vpn4all Review


Review of VPN4ALL VPN VPN4ALL is a global VPN network that holds your privacy and security as its top priorities. The company has been in business since 2009, and a network of customers has been enjoying the benefits of its software since its release. VPN4ALL was founded by online banking industry veterans, and they utilized the best knowledge in the ... Read More »

NordVPN Review


NordVPN Review Summary NordVPN is a newcomer on the VPN service provider market. Based in Panama, the company prides itself on its protection of user privacy. Despite the fact that performance can be lacking at times, and the fact that the pricing plans are at the higher end of the spectrum, NordVPN provides a no logs policy and has exceptional ... Read More »

Wasel Pro VPN Review


Wasel Pro is one of the newest VPN service providers on the market. Since its launch in 2012, Wasel Pro has gained quite a following of supporters. The company that created the VPN, iElement BV, is headquartered in the Netherlands. If you are looking to subscribe to a VPN service provider that has room to grow, this is the one. ... Read More »

VyprVPN Review


VyprVPN Review Summary Golden Frog, the company behind VyprVPN, has proven itself a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The company owns its own clusters of servers, located in Asia, Europe and North America. They also own the networks to the centers housing these servers which means that they are able to deliver tremendous speeds, an important component ... Read More »

StrongVPN Review


StrongVPN Review Summary StrongVPN is a large, US-based VPN provider. The company is a popular one, but somewhat unimpressive in our opinion. Their privacy policy is reasonable on paper, but in real life, the company is known for taking an aggressive stance towards filesharers. There is a lack of transparency when it comes to technical security, and the company is ... Read More »

Review of Hotspot Shield VPN


Hotspot Shield VPN is a simple VPN client that is perfect for a wide base of consumers. Unfortunately, it’s that simplicity that may turn some users off. For the technically-minded computer user who wants to know exactly how things work, Hotspot Shield will come across as a disappointment. On the other hand, for the user that simply wants to download ... Read More »

Which VPN Should You Choose?


You’ve read enough information to know that you need a virtual private network (VPN), but you don’t know which service provider is the right choice. With the number of providers available to you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Before you choose a provider, you must determine exactly why you want a VPN. The provider that you choose should be the ... Read More »



GoTrusted VPN software is targeted at ordinary consumers and small businesses. The fact that it is the only VPN client with its own TV add, tells us it has some heavy weight investors behind it. There is more to the client than fancy advertising though. GoTrusted VPN is a great option for anyone looking for real privacy on the internet. ... Read More »