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SSTP Protocol Explained


When you find a VPN service provider that you are interested in, you’ll undoubtedly read the fine print. You’ll quickly notice the service provider listing the types of VPN protocols utilized in order to provide you with the best security. SSTP, or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol was introduced with Windows Vista SP1; it is the latest protocol put forth by Microsoft.

Unfortunately for Apple users, SSTP is largely a Windows-only platform. Chances of SSTP making its way to an Apple device is slim. Although the code is not open to scrutiny, we are not incredibly confident in its security knowing what we do about Microsoft’s history of its dealings with the NSA.


  • Security level is high
  • Integrated in all versions of Windows (Vista and above)
  • Microsoft support
  • Is able to bypass most firewalls


  • Only able to use within Windows environment
  • Unable to be independently audited due to proprietary standard owned by Microsoft

While SSTP is considered to be highly secure, we are not incredibly confident in the protocol. Microsoft has a long history of cooperating with the NSA; we urge users to not be 100 percent comfortable with the privacy and anonymity SSTP purportedly provides.

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