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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Review

Review of Private Internet Access  Unlike other countries in the world, the United States has no data retention law. This means that software companies can offer you an anonymous Internet browsing experience by way of a virtual private network. Companies like Private Internet Access are not required to save your data, meaning that when you ...

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Summary : Private Internet Access offers a good range of features for a VPN service


Review of Private Internet Access 

Unlike other countries in the world, the United States has no data retention law. This means that software companies can offer you an anonymous Internet browsing experience by way of a virtual private network. Companies like Private Internet Access are not required to save your data, meaning that when you surf with your VPN, you are not tracked nor are you traceable.

We have reviewed several of the top VPN service providers including Private Internet Access. We have found that the software offered by this company is straightforward and easy to use. If you are looking for VPN software, that offered by Private Internet Access offers a fantastic value for your money.

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Pricing Tiers

Private Internet Access offers only one package to its subscribers. Every customer is afforded the same features, but each customer can choose the best payment plan for their budget.

  • Monthly – You can subscribe to Private Internet Access on a monthly basis. When you choose this option, you are charged $6.95 per month.
  • Every 6 Months – You can choose to pay for your subscription twice a year. You will be charged $35.95 every six months.
  • Yearly – You also have the choice of paying once per year. This choice offers a significant savings at just $39.95 per year.

Private-Internet-Access-VPN-packagesPrivate Internet Access gives its subscribers an OpenVPN, access to 18 servers in nine countries, a Socks5 Proxy, and VoIP and P2P support. Each subscriber is provided with unlimited bandwidth, instant setup, and do not experience traffic logging.

Customer Support

As with any new service, you want to be sure that you will get the support that you need. Even though we didn’t find the need to ask for help, we contacted customer support to test their effectiveness. We emailed support and received a reply in a timely manner. While it did take less than a day to receive a response, we do have to be honest and tell you that other companies are more efficient when it comes to response times.

Customer support chat is not online around the clock which is a deal breaker for some. The biggest problem we found with support was not by way of customer service, but in Private Internet Access’ FAQ. The FAQ is lacking and we would not suggest that you depend on it to answer your technical questions.


Privacy and Security

Private Internet Access takes your privacy very seriously, establishing a variety of protocols within their service. You will be given firewalls, encryption, uncensored access, and identity protection with Private Internet Access. You are also provided with IP cloaking, a service that cloaks your IP address, preventing any website or hacker from being able to track your browsing habits or trace your geographic location.

If you are disconnected from your chosen VPN server, Private Internet Access disconnects you from the Internet as well. This increases the protection of your identity. It should be noted that while other providers utilize 256-bit encryption, Private Internet Access offers only 128-bit encryption. Although we would like to see the encryption level heightened, it is not something that would make us shy away from the software.

The Private Internet Access Website

The company’s website is easy to navigate. The clean, simple design is easy on the eyes. Any information that you need can be found by clicking on the links along the top of the page. Pricing information is clearly laid out, and you are readily told about the features that come with your package.

Signing Up

We found the process of signing up with Private Internet Access to be a breeze. We signed up using PayPal, our preferred method of payment, and were asked for no further information. Our email address was obtained through PayPal. Any payment option you choose will not make the sign up process difficult. In fact, we found that Private Internet Access offers the easiest sign up process of the companies that we reviewed.

Private Internet Access accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Amazon Payments, Pay Garden, Bitcoin, OK Pay, and CashU.

Once we signed up, we received a confirmation email that contained an activation link. Upon clicking on the link, we were able to begin downloading the software for Windows. Installation was incredibly simple; done by following a few prompts. Even though we have experience downloading VPN clients, we do not believe that you need to be familiar with the software or have previous experience installing it to be able to get started with Private Internet Access.

After you have downloaded the software, go to your advanced settings. From here, check the tickbox next to VPN Kill Switch. This is what will stop your Internet connection should you be dropped from your VPN server.


When installation is complete and you have saved your settings, you will see a robot icon appear on your task bar. Clicking on the robot will allow you to choose the server you wish to connect to. If you do not choose your own server, Private Internet Access will choose one for you. As soon as you are assigned a server, you are connected. There is nothing more to do on your part!

Supported Platforms

There are dedicated clients available for Windows and OSX. By following provided setup guides, you can manually configure the software across other platforms. Supported systems include Ubuntu, PFSense, Tomato, DD-WRT routers, Boxee Box, iOS, Windows, OXS, and Android.


What we like about Private Internet Access:

  • Signup is simple, with or without experience
  • Subscribers can utilize Bitcoin as a form of payment
  • VPN kill switch is a huge security advantage
  • No tracking or logging
  • Ease of use

What we don’t like about Private Internet Access

  • No free trial
  • No money back guarantee
  • 128-bit encryption instead of 256-bit encryption
  • Lack of information regarding server loads

We are confident in recommending Private Internet Access to any computer or mobile user looking for a VPN service. The client is easy to set up, easy to use, and delivers a fantastic value for the money. We would like to see a free trial offered, as well as a money-back guarantee, but the cost of the software is not prohibitive, making the absence of these things less of a risk.

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