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When it comes to VPN protocols, OpenVPN is considered to be one of the most reliable and secure. Fairly new, it uses SSLv3/TLSv1 and OpenSSL library protocols. This enables OpenVPN to offer an excellent VPN solution. Highly configurable, OpenVPN can be set up to run on a UDP port or a TCP port 442. Unlike PPTP and L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN makes it impossible to tell one piece of traffic from another as it filters through the Internet. The protocol is also difficult to block.

While VPN providers typically use either Blowfish or AES, OpenSSL library supports a variety of cryptographic algorithms including 3DES, Camellia, CAST-128 and more. The default cipher built into this protocol is 128-bit Blowfish. Considered to be generally secure, the cipher is known to have its weaknesses.

The newer technology, AES, is not known to have weaknesses at this time. This is thanks, in part, due to its adoption by the US government. AES is considered to be today’s gold standard of encryption. Compared to Blowfish’s 64-bit encryption, AES utilizes 128-bit encryption which means that it can handle larger files.

The speed of OpenVPN is generally faster than that of IPSec, making it preferable to most consumers. It should be noted that unlike other protocols, OpenVPN is not natively built in to any operating systems. It is, however, easily set up through third-party software.

OpenVPN can be a bit tedious to set up. You will not only have to download the client, but you will need to set up additional files. To help you along, most VPN service providers have done this for you, offering pre-configured packages.

It is believed that OpenVPN has not been compromised by the NSA. Additionally, it is believed that OpenVPN is the only protocol to be truly secure.


  • Secure against the NSA
  • Easily bypasses firewalls
  • Configurable
  • Uses wide range of encryption algorithms
  • Open source


  • Must be set up through third-party software
  • Can be tedious to set up
  • Support not always satisfactory on mobile devices

When you are looking for a VPN service provider, it is strongly suggested that you utilize a service that offers OpenVPN protocol. This protocol is considered to be the most secure on today’s market. Although it can be slightly difficult to set up, most service providers have done the work for you.

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