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How to Unblock Twitter from Any Country

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking services on the planet. It is also the victim of Internet censorship. If you’ve ever sent a 140-character tweet, you know just how addicting the service can be. With over 300 million users generating the same number of tweets, the service experiences more than one billion searches every day.

twitter-logo Twitter is Blocked in China

Just as Facebook is banned in China, citizens of the country are unable to access Twitter. The service was blocked after activists used it to spread word of their protest in July of 2009 during the Urumqi riots.

Twitter is Blocked in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The government in this country because the government deemed that users were able to speak too freely. The government released a statement to its citizens, claiming that the service is inconsistent with the political, religious, moral and cultural values of UAE.

Twitter is Censored in South Korea and Egypt

While Twitter is not blocked in South Korea or Egypt, it is highly censored, particularly during times of political unrest.

Using a VPN to Unblock Twitter

A virtual private network (VPN) is the only way to unblock Twitter from anywhere in the world. A VPN not only allows you to access Twitter, but it gives you:

  • Privacy – when you use a VPN, you are guaranteed privacy in the virtual world. Your IP address is hidden, you can switch between servers, and your activities remain untraceable.
  • Security – when you use a VPN, no hacker or snoop can see what you are doing. You’re free to shop, game and browse online without worry of having your identity stolen.
  • Freedom – when you use a VPN, you experience Internet freedom like you’ve never had before. You can access blocked websites and bypass firewalls with ease.

How to Start Using Your VPN

Once you have determined that a VPN is your best option, there are three simple steps to take,

1. Choose your VPN service provider. Find one that has servers in the US and/or UK, one that has subscription fees that fit your budget, and one that uses a variety of protocols.

2. Subscribe for, download and install the software.

3. Sign on to the Internet with your new VPN.

The bottom line is this: Internet censorship is becoming more prevalent around the world. From censoring websites to blocking services, governments are using their power to determine what is acceptable or “safe” for their peoples to view and hear. A VPN is the only way for people to experience freedom in the virtual world.

The Best VPNs for Unblocking Twitter

1. HideMyAss


HMA uses a variety of protocols in order to protect its subscribers. The site has several dozen servers spread around the world, and subscriptions start at under $15 per month.

2. VyprVPN


Like HMA, Vypr uses a variety of protocols, has servers around the world, and has subscription fees that are more than reasonable.

3. ExpressVPN


Express utilizes different protocols to protect its users, has a large number of servers, and is incredibly affordable.

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